Nespoli UK Ltd became part of Nespoli Group since the acquisition of Franpin Group, and its subsidiary Franpin UK, in 2004.

Nespoli is the ideal business partner when it comes to providing tailor made solutions; our internal processes are aiming at this. Our main goal is to satisfy both the customer and the end-consumer.

By experience, we know that not only the paint quality determines the result of the paint job, but equally important for a perfect result is the selection of the right decorating tool.

Our entire product development focuses on the needs of the end-user. It is of particular importance to us that the end consumer quickly and easily selects the tool that will give him the desired result.   In the today’s product jungle, in which price is often the only differentiator; this is not an easy task. We offer innovative and ergonomic products with modern and consumer-friendly optics and haptics that make the job easier.

We place great emphasis on clear communication at the point of sale. Our product and marketing concepts are respectively coordinated and translated in our colour display concept. Our mission is to offer a complete range of consumer-friendly products for any type of application.

We manufacture these products ourselves in our own production facilities in Europe and in China and guarantee a premium quality at exceptional value for money.  Moreover, having own production sites makes it easier to control the production process, to secure product availability, to guarantee product quality and to increase flexibility.

Our Engineering Group Rollix, based in Caneva (Italy), develops and manufactures our own machinery for the production of paint brushes, paint rollers and tools. Thank to this we can ensure leadership in innovation and quick and flexible reaction to market trends.

Product innovations based on real consumer needs, drive customer satisfaction and ultimately create real added-value for the trade.  We are fast and flexible in developing products for special paint or in the creation of private label ranges.

Our best reference is that fact that we supply most of the DIY chains across Europe, and are experienced in dealing with the complexity of our customers’ requirements.


  • Our customer’s success
  • Consumer satisfaction that drives success of our customers
  • Consistent value for money
  • Flexibility, reliability and punctuality

The strength of numbers

We have a total of 10 production sites : 9 in Europe and one in China.

We have 13 sales organizations all over the world.

The group owns the highest number of registered patents and designs in paint tools industry.

We have 1300 employees worldwide.

Each year Nespoli Group invests 2% of its revenues in R&D.

Nespoli Group has its own engineering company that develops cutting edge machinery for the production of paint rollers and paint brushes.

We use FSC certified wood for the production of wooden handles

Our factory in China is BSCI compliant.